Knights of Columbus - Fr. Andrew Doherty Assembly 0155
Knights of Columbus - Fr. Andrew Doherty Assembly 0155

Memorial Day

Memorial Day Mass Rescheduled
The Memorial Mass historically held on Memorial Day has been rescheduled for July 13th. Details to follow

Love of God and Country

The Fourth Degree, the patriotic degree of the Knights of Columbus, is based  on love for and devotion to one’s country; and Fourth Degree Assemblies focus the majority of their activities on this principle. Yet, it should be remembered that the Fourth Degree is an important part of the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic, family, fraternal and charitable organization.
Fourth Degree members compose a brotherhood united in their dedication to patriotism enlightened by the Catholic faith. The patriotic spirit of every Knights of Columbus member can be enhanced if he chooses to join the Fourth Degree. To effectively celebrate and perpetuate patriotism, the Fourth Degree constantly seeks additional members. Therefore we encourage Third Degree Knights to take the patriotic degree of the order. Only about ten percent of all knights attain the rank of fourth degree and thus earn the title of Sir Knight.
Father Andrew Doherty Assembly was chartered by the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus on October27, 1957 with meetings held in West Palm Beach. Even at that time the assemby extended from Lake Worth to Jupiter, much as we do today. The assembly has been active for over sixty years.  Our meetings are generally held on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:30 PM. Members come from councils 2075 in West Palm Beach, 3393 in Lake Worth, 4999 in Palm beach Gardens, 6988 also in Palm Beach Gardens, 8419 in Wellington, 11669 in Lantana,  and 12322 on Singer Island, so we are a geographically diverse group.Traveling fourth degree knights from other assemblies are also welcome to attend our meetings. 
Emblem of the Patriotic Degree
The triad emblem of the Fourth Degree features the dove, the cross and the globe. The dove, classic symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace, is shown hovering over the orb of the Earth (globe). Both are mounted on a variation of the Crusader's cross, which was found on the tunics and capes of the Crusading knights who battled to regain the Holy Land from the pagans.
Spiritually, the sacred symbols on the emblem typify the union of the Three Divine Persons in one Godhead, the most Blessed Trinity.
  • The Globe – God the Father, Creator of the Universe.
  • The Cross – God the Son, Redeemer of Mankind.
  • The Dove – God the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier of Humanity.
The Colors of The Symbols Are:
  • A blue globe with the land of the Western Hemisphere in white.
  • A red cross with gold borders and gold knobs at the end of the points forming the ends of the arms of the cross, also known as the Isabella cross.
  • A white dove.
Red, white and blue are the colors of the flag of the country in which the Knights originated. They are used to stress patriotism, the basic principle of the Fourth Degree.

Color Corps

Membership in the Color Corps is open to all fourth degree members but is not a requirement for fourth degree members. The Color Corps participates in many public functions honoring outstanding Knights, other Catholics, and special events.

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